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Swimming Pools

Our firm; works in swimming pool market more than 30 years with its expert squad. We construct swimming pools by implying highest technology & safe & smooth solutions by providing project, construction, filtration and electromechanical works both completely or partially.

We consider aesthetic & comfort when we create healthily and safety pool areas.

We can categorize swimming pools by their purpose of use;

Pools For Public Use:

These part contains pools which are constructed for hotels, apartment complexes, social and sports facilities, SPA centers …etc. They all need to satisfy TSE 11899, UHE-1 and DIN 19643 standardizations. Pool size, volume, and filtration must be engineered according to planned usage capacity.

Pools for Private Use:

These are the pools which are for home and private use such as villas, homes …etc. Although service range is smaller than public use pool, these pools also must be engineered considering pool capacity utilization.